19-2 (2014): Season 4
TV Series  /  Drama
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IMDB   8.1
USA / English
Digital  Region 1
Adrian Holmes Nick Barron
Jared Keeso Ben Chartier
Bruce Ramsay Marcel Gendron
Benz Antoine Tyler Joseph
Maxim Roy Isabelle Latendresse
Dan Petronijevic J.M. Brouillard
Conrad Pla Julien Houle
Tyler Hynes Vince Legare
Laurence Leboeuf Audrey Pouliot
Mylene Dinh-Robic Beatrice Hamelin

Character-driven drama, 19-2 revolves around the day-to-day life of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. These two beat cops patrol the urban sprawl of downtown's 19th district, in cruiser No. 2. 19-2 is about the tensions and bonds that develop between two incompatible men of very different temperaments and life experiences. Over time, Nick and Ben's mistrust and antagonism for each other give way to moments of mutual respect and a wavering chance at a true partnership. As Season 1 progresses, we also get to know the tight-knit squad of 19. We see friendship and enmity, loyalty and betrayal. The series delivers in portraying the unpredictability and fragility of the world of a beat cop through moments of life-threatening intensity to its characters, both on and off duty, cementing 19-2 as a powerful character study and a gripping police drama.
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  1.  PLEASE DELETE*
Only 8 Episode Season
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    7/31/2017  2.  Swimming
Nick and Ben decide to take down Elise to avenge the brutal murder of Nick's sister. Also, Nick is first on the site of a horrific event with numerous casualties, plus Ben and Audrey get swept up in a tragic accident.
Director:  Sturla Gunnarsson  Writer:  Bruce M. Smith 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    8/7/2017  3.  Driveby
With the investigation of Elise Roberge over, Ben volunteers for surveillance duty; Ben and Audrey face the consequences of their accident; the squad ends up in the middle of a growing gang war.
Director:  Sturla Gunnarsson  Writer:  Greg Nelson  / Lynne Kamm 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    8/14/2017  4.  Fishbowl
Ben's actions bring repercussions; in pursuit of justice, Ben and Nick encounter a person they thought they'd never see again; a new officer joins 19; the squad finds out something disturbing about one of their own.
Director:  Sturla Gunnarsson  Writer:  Nikolijne Troubetzkoy 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    8/21/2017  5.  Labour Day
During a trip to a cottage, conflict arises amongst the squad. Ben receives a call from Internal Affairs.
Director:  Sturla Gunnarsson  Writer:  Lynne Kamm 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    8/28/2017  6.  Flowers
The patrollers of 19 struggle to find their footing. Nick realizes what he wants. Dulac loses control.
Director:  Louis Choquette  Writer:  Bruce M. Smith 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    9/4/2017  7.  Sons
Ben faces consequences; Nick's new romance gets complicated; Dulac crosses a line; Audrey thinks about the future.
Director:  Louis Choquette  Writer:  Jackie May 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    9/11/2017  8.  Wake
Ben's troubles become public; Nick faces a crisis; Dulac gets in over his head.
Director:  Louis Choquette  Writer:  Nikolijne Troubetzkoy 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    9/18/2017  9.  Tomorrow
Series Finale.
Director:  Louis Choquette  Writer:  Bruce M. Smith 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    9/25/2017  10.  episode 9
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    10/2/2017  11.  Series Finale
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