Ultimate Force: Series 1
Carlton (2002)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Crime, Suspense
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IMDB   7.7
318 mins UK / English
Digital  Region 1
Ross Kemp Sergeant Henno Garvie
Jamie Draven Jamie Dow
Tony Curran Pete Twamley
Tony Curran
Alex Reid
Ross Kemp
Elliot Cowan
Miles Anderson
Heather Peace
Christopher Fox
Jamie Draven
Danny Sapani
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Sanny Sapani Ricky Mann
Liam Garrigan
Tom Clegg
Diarmuid Lawrence
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Julian Jones
Len Collin
Musician Rick Wentworth

Ultimate Force is co-devised by Rob Heyland and former SAS soldier Chris Ryan. It follows the lives of a group of SAS soldiers known as Red Troop lead by Sergeant Henno Garvie as they put their lives at risk for their country.
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    9/16/2002  1.  The Killing House
It's a baptism by fire when new recruits Jamie Dow and Alex Leonard join the SAS's elite fighting force team. Hot on the heels of an explosive hostage-rescue exercise in the regiment's Killing House, Red Troop led by charismatic Sergeant Henno Garvie is called to take command of a bank siege. This time the life or death situation is dramatically and tragically real.
Director:  Diarmuid Lawrence  Writer:  Rob Heyland 
Guest starring:  Matthew Scurfield, Tom Georgeson, Anthony Howell,  Jamie Bamber, Chris Ryan
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    9/18/2002  2.  Just a Target
As Red Troop bury Sam Leonard, a gunman shoots at a prominent European banker using an awesomely powerful sniper's rifle. He misses and the SAS are scrambled to find the gun and the British anti-globalist group suspected of carrying out the shooting. Jamie infiltrates the eco-warriors, convincing them of his skills as a sniper. But when things go wrong, it's not just a banker's life that is threatened.
Guest starring:  Inday Ba, Jamie Sives
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    9/25/2002  3.  Natural Selection
Ten hopeful recruits to the SAS face their final and toughest challenge yet - a three-day combat survival course in the Welsh mountains, where they must evade capture by 40 Paras while navigating rough terrain and swollen rivers. Mick Sharp hopes to join his mate Jamie in the regiment, but Henno is out to make life difficult for him. But when two soldiers are found dead, it appears an even greater danger lurks in the woods.
Director:  Tom Clegg  Writer:  Rob Heyland 
Guest starring:  Alex Palmer,  Neil Jackson, Danielle King, Jane Wheldon, Danny Ponton, Jack Pierce, Laurence Fox, Josh Cole, Liam McKenna, Christopher Fox
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/2/2002  4.  Breakout
Red Troop is called to a pharmaceutical laboratory after three Chechens break in to an area where scientists are working on a vaccine for a deadly form of anthrax. The gang threaten to release the anthrax, killing thousands, unless they are given money. Caroline gains access by posing as a doctor but Henno is captured and shot. Is blowing up the building and everyone inside it the only solution?
Director:  Tom Clegg  Writer:  Julian Jones  / Rob Heyland 
Guest starring:  Goran Pestic, Dragan Micanovic, Nick Dunning, Martin Troakes, Rad Lazar, Jonathan Coy, Serge Soric
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/9/2002  5.  The Killing Of a One-Eyed Bookie
Jamie is kidnapped during a violent ambush in Northern Ireland while impersonating Bill Gracey, a politician whose life is in danger. Henno is furious, knowing his protégé faces torture and likely death. Breaking orders, he heads off into the Republic with Caroline in search of Cullen, a republican double agent, while Jem and Twamley do some digging of their own. Can they find Jamie before time runs out?
Director:  Tim Leandro  Writer:  Len Collin 
Guest starring:  David Wilmot,  Sean Gilder, Damian O'Hare, Dermot Crowley
    Seen it: Yes   60 mins    10/12/2002  6.  Something To Do With Justice
Henno and Twamley are kicked out of the regiment, despite saving Jamie's life in Ireland. The others, under Johnny Bell's command, are sent on a classified mission to Bosnia to 'lift' wily war criminal Glasnovic. To their surprise, Henno and Twamley are also there, training militia men. Reunited, Red Troop close in on Glasnovic but the blood bath leaves one of them fighting for their life.
Director:  Tim Leandro  Writer:  Rob Heyland 
Guest starring:  Ana Sofrenovic, Velibor Topic, Laurence Fox, David Kennedy, Mirko Sekulic, Lawrence Elman, Sarah Paul, Paul Moody, Andreas Wisniewski
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