Private Eyes: Season 2
TV Series  /  Comedy, Crime, Drama
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IMDB   7.1
USA / English
Digital  Region 1
Jason Priestley Matt Shade
Cindy Sampson Angie Everett
Barry Flatman Don Shade
Jordyn Negri Jules Shade
Clé Bennett Derek Nolan
Ennis Esmer Kurtis Mazhari
Juan Carlos Velis Miguel Quitana
John Tokatlidis Enrique Villanova
Kevin McGarry Ken Barnes
Josh Cruddas The Amazing Dwight
Laura Cilevitz

Matt Shade, ex-pro hockey player, teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    5/25/2017  1.  The Extra Mile
The owner of a car racing team hires Shade and Angie; Angie and Shade adapt to their new roles.
Director:  Jason Priestley  Writer:  Alan McCullough 
Guest starring:  Jon Ambrose, Michael Boisvert, Mohammed Junaid, Sebastian MacLean, Steven Yaffee
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    6/1/2017  2.  Boardwalk Empire
Zoe Chow hires Shade and Angie to find out who broke into her apartment.
Director:  Rob Lieberman  Writer:  Marcus Robinson 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    6/8/2017  3.  The Frame Job
A teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship and Shade and Angie investigate.
Director:  Gail Harvey  Writer:  Thomas Pound 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    6/15/2017  4.  Fashion Crimes
Fashion designer Carla Costa hires Shade and Angie to guard her new collection.
Director:  Shawn Piller  Writer:  Tim Kilby 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    6/22/2017  5.  Now You See Her
Shade and Angie are hired to find a missing woman who died three years ago.
Director:  Kelly Makin  Writer:  James Thorpe 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    6/29/2017  6.  The P.I. Code
A lawyer hires Shade and Angie to investigate jury tampering.
Director:  Sudz Sutherland  Writer:  Derek Schreyer 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    7/6/2017  7.  Between a Doc and a Hard Place
Angie and Shade are hired to find out who's targeting a pro-bono medical clinic.
Director:  Kelly Makin  Writer:  Jackie May 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    7/13/2017  8.  Six Feet Blunder
Shade and Angie are hired to find a missing body, but wind up uncovering a scheme to bury millions of dollars.
Director:  Jill Carter  Writer:  Katrina Saville 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins    7/20/2017  9.  The Good Soldier
Shade and Angie investigate the case of a missing Army Cadet.
Director:  Lee Rose  Writer:  Alan McCullough 
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  10.  Kissing the Canvas
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  11.  Long Live The King
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  12.  Getaway With Murder
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  13.  A Fare To Remember
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  14.  Finding Leroy
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  15.  The Hills Have Eyes
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  16.  Look Who\'s Stalking
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  17.  Brew The Right Thing
    Seen it: Yes   45 mins  18.  Shadow of a Doubt
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